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A LinkedIn lead generation case study.


How we helped a video production company get 70 leads in 90 days. 

Outline:  A Melbourne video production company with a focus on corporate clientele, recognized the potential of LinkedIn as a platform for business development. With a strategic approach, they embarked on a campaign to expand their client base and establish themselves as a premier provider of video production services within the corporate and Government sector.

Objective: The primary goal of the production companies LinkedIn campaign was two-fold:

  1. To identify and connect with decision-makers within medium to large-sized corporations, particularly those responsible for video-related initiatives such as Marketers.
  2. To initiate meaningful conversations that would culminate in the acquisition of email addresses for further marketing and ultimately, the conversion of leads into clients.

Strategies Employed:

  1. Target Audience Identification: The video production company identified their target audience, focusing on corporate entities and marketing professionals who could benefit from their video production services. This included individuals involved in website development, marketing collateral creation, and social media management.

  2. Connection Message Development: A carefully crafted connection message was developed to ensure maximum effectiveness. The message was personalized yet concise, highlighting Visual Production’s value proposition while sparking curiosity and inviting further conversation.

  3. Gradual Messaging Approach: Following acceptance of connection requests, Visual Production adopted a gradual messaging approach. They initiated conversations with prospects by posing simple inquiries about their organization’s use of video for various purposes, such as marketing or website enhancement.

  4. Engagement Strategy: Simultaneously, Visual Production deployed an engagement strategy aimed at fostering rapport and maintaining visibility among their LinkedIn connections. This involved activities such as endorsing skills, liking and commenting on prospects’ posts, viewing profiles, and actively participating in relevant discussions.

  5. Content Showcase: To showcase their expertise and capabilities, Visual Production consistently posted high-quality content on their LinkedIn profile. This content included examples of their past work, industry insights, and tips related to video production. By providing valuable content, they aimed to position themselves as thought leaders in the field.

Execution and Results:

  • Over the course of three months, the video production company sent out a targeted outreach of 100 connection requests per week, resulting in a total of 70 leads expressing interest in their services and asked for more information via email.
  • The gradual messaging approach proved effective, with a significant portion of prospects providing their email addresses for further communication such as email marketing.
  • Through proactive engagement on LinkedIn, the video production company was able to nurture relationships with prospects, thereby increasing their chances of conversion.
  • By integrating acquired email addresses into their marketing campaign, Visual Production ensured consistent engagement and remained top-of-mind among prospects.

Conclusion: By leveraging LinkedIn as a strategic tool for outreach, engagement, and content marketing, Visual Production successfully expanded its client base within the corporate sector. The combination of personalized messaging, proactive engagement, and valuable content proved instrumental in driving meaningful interactions and ultimately, converting leads into clients.

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