Spicy Pineapple Marketing


Jordan the Founder of Spicy Pineapple Marketing has over 12 years of experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Events. 

She has used those skills to help small – medium sized businesses with:
Marketing Plans
Social Media Management
LinkedIn Strategy and outreach
Email Marketing
Influencer management
Event planning and management
PR advice
Networking advice

In her spare time she likes to surf, camp and eat. (She also loves a good margarita)


Meet Paul, a multifaceted professional with a knack for customer relations and marketing. With over 5 years of experience in customer relationships and 4 years in marketing and lead generation, Paul is a driving force behind our success. Outside the business arena, Paul is not just an entrepreneur but also a dedicated father to his 3-year-old daughter. Balancing the roles of a businessman and a dad, he exemplifies the values of responsibility and commitment. In his spare time, Paul immerses himself in the world of financial success, avidly reading books that inspire and guide. Known for his adventurous spirit, he embraces risks with enthusiasm, reflecting a fearless approach to both business and life.
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