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LinkedIn Lead Generation - A Done For You Service

Leads, leads, leads.
Do you have clients you would love to work with, but have no idea how to get in touch with them? We can help!
You can’t just walk into an office and ask for the person you want to talk to without a name anymore. We can help get around the gatekeeper and go straight for the right person to get you in the door.
This process allows you to operate your business rather than spending time hunting down leads on LinkedIn yourself.
We audit your account, optimise it, find your perfect client, connect with them, engage with their profile and personally message them to get you that lead.


Jordan helped spruce up my LinkedIn profile in a way that truly reflects myself and the companies I represent. It is now very clear on the services and skills I bring to the table, as well as the problems I solve. From the LinkedIn banner to skills and positions, all are now an accurate and definitive representation of who I am and what I do. I would recommend Jordan to anyone considering livening up their LI profile.

Jack H

Spicy Marketing is an exceptional company with a unique set of talents. From the moment I met Jordan at a networking event, I could tell she stood out from other marketers. Her impressive blend of high IQ and EQ, along with her knowledge of different strategies sets her apart in the industry.
Jordan’s expertise made a significant impact on my online shoes and handbags website, and she provided invaluable insights on how to enhance my sales agency business. Moreover, she introduced me to the powerful tools and tricks available on LinkedIn to bolster my marketing efforts.
I have been consistently using her services and following her advice, which has proven to be immensely beneficial. Thanks to Spicy Marketing and Jordan, my marketing strategies have seen remarkable improvements, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the exceptional support I’ve received.


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